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The Occult Street Plan of Chico, California

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Chico, California, like Santa Rosa is a beautiful small California city that enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. Chico is tucked in neatly on the east face of the interphase of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges. It says "The city of roses" with a silhouette of John Bidwell, Chico's founder, on the original crest of Chico. The city has recently changed the crest to a more modern design that hides the estoteric meanings of the old one. This has also been happening also at many major universities and colleges. The new crest does have a nice big oak tree which can be interpreted in Celtic lore as the center of the world or a version of the Roman Axis Mundi.

The city of Chico is also a model of occult or Masonic city planning that is oriented on a ley line (latitude) of ancient origin and symbolism. Chico is set up as a kind of mystery school historical veneration of the Sumerian goddess Ishtar. The daily horoscopes of each structure or point within the 64 block square area can be plotted using the street plan. A form of Enochian chess can be played on the streets of Chico. This geomantic arrangement of the city can be used for many different purposes in the minds of those who believe in its power.Chico is not alone in this type of occult historical plan or arrangement. Other cities and towns in the U.S. are part of similar local systems that are part of a larger one. The city appears to have been placed by later authorities on a grid created by Thomas Jefferson much in the way Indianapolis, Indiana seems to have been planned. In fact the geomantic layout of Chico is stunningly similar to that of Washington D.C. though on a much smaller scale.

Many believe Washington decided the location of the capitol. If one delves into the details Thomas Jefferson’s influence is obvious not only in the placement of the capitol but of many subsequent cities and towns also. Placements of cities and monuments in a pre-ordained pattern or shape is a form of geomancy intended to divine or perform any of a number of occult functions. Talismans may be placed at locations along the lines for effect. As a coincidence John Bidwells life and pursuits echoed those of Jefferson in many ways. Many individuals involved in gnostic wisdom seem to value emulating figures from the past. Even though only small portion of the geomantic diamond of Chico is within the grid created by Jefferson the town was still placed with regard to the grid. The route of Dayton Road as it enters the southern part of Chico follows the demarcation between the township grid and the separate grid Chico was originally oriented on. The rest of Chico is within the Spanish or Mexican land grant which was mapped using their system so the township grid was not extended to the area where the early city of Chico existed.

The Chico Diamond is set close to the edge of the existing township grid so a point at the middle of the diamond (Chestnut and 5th) is where the intersection four sections would be if the grid was extended to the west (see photo at bottom). In this way the diamond of Chico is “plumb” with Jefferson’s township grid. On a much smaller scale the city plaza in Chico is a miniature of the mall in D.C. and is designed for the same esoteric or ancient purpose. In Egyptian terms the city plaza is a shem or inter-dimensional travel device similar to the ones in the movies “Stargate” and “Dune.”

In Roman culture the Chico City Plaza would be termed the Axis Mundi or "Axis of the world." If the Roman tradition of the Axis Mundi was adhered to religiously John Bidwell, the founder of Chico would be buried under the Chico City Plaza with artifacts from the parent city. St. Peter is said to be buried under the Axis Mundi at the Vatican in Rome. The middle or central portion of the Chico City Plaza is a fountain with a mosaic of the earth in its basin. The earth actually represented in the Axis Mundi.

John Bidwell's mansion is exactly ninety degrees from the center of the square city plaza at .38 miles (one half of .76). John Bidwells design of the city plaza venerated both Egyptian and Roman themes. Another aspect Chico and Washington D.C. (and many others) share in common is their use of ancient ley lines as baselines in their design. Washington D.C. uses the Lisbon Rose Line (mid 38th parallel) while the streets of Chico sit atop the Mason Dixon Line (39"43'13"N lat). The Mason Dixon Line bisects the block at the base of the diamond (9th,8th,Cherry, Orange)in a perfect diagonal. The streets were perfectly oriented on the Mason Dixon Line. The Mason Dixon line is also known as the Dragon Line. This line is steeped in esoteric, occult, and Christian symbolism. The peak of Mt. Ararat, Turkey is right on the latitude of the Mason Dixon line. Mt. Ararat is both a component of the latitude and longitude system defined by the spatial relationship of the pyramids and the hexagon at Baalbek and the biblical resting place of Noah’s Ark. The City of Indianapolis also has a much larger plaza oriented on the Mason Dixon line.

The designs of many civic parks and plazas are similar to Sumerian, Cilician, Egyptian and Babylonian plazas that were said to facilitate travel to and from another dimension. The designs of these arrays may have evolved out of Druidic Nemetons or sacred groves of trees. Some believe the portals are to extract energy from people or let in demons from another dimension. Any anthropologist, archaeologist, or architectural historian trained in this cultural sphere will immediately identify these arrays as reproductions or copies as such and Chico is no exception. There is some evidence that there are groups of people who still believe in the esoteric and occult uses of these monuments. Chico is home to a population of such people. Gaia worship and the occult are very popular in Northern California.Indeed many large cities and towns in the United States have also constructed or refurbished similar arrays of monuments and plazas over the last two hundred years. The one in Chico is very small compared to places like Indianapolis and Nashville. The veteran’s memorial mall in Indianapolis, Indiana has two arrays within its design very similar to the city plaza in Chico complete with towers or pylons in similar orientations to the towers at the Senator Theatre and Diamond hotel as well as the four-square/ Maltese cross design of the plaza itself. All on the Mason Dixon line just like Chico. These shapes and themes are common to many different cultures around the world. The plaza in Indianapolis is situated wholly within the "area of 13" in the astrologically significant part of Jefferson's grid.

The layout of the core of Chico is that of an 8x8 celled chess board. This area includes downtown and the Chico city plaza. The square was then rotated to the north and is viewed as a diamond on the map. Curiously the diamond is tilted about five degrees to the east. The slight tilt may have been affected to align the diamond 90 degrees to the direction of the flow of Big Chico creek canyon. Alignment to natural formations is an important concept in geomancy. The southern tip or apex of the Chico also points directly to the Sutter Buttes to the south.Bidwell Park occupies much of the lower Big Chico creek canyon and was donated by Mrs. Bidwell to the city. Parts of the original movie "Robin Hood" were filmed there. The chess board-like type of magic square design is popular in Kabalistic and occult circles. In addition chess is the favorite game of the mythical goddess Isis or Ishtar. The city plaza plan composed of the classic occult layout including a foursquare park area flanked by a tower that represents the staff of Ishtar. In fact the downtown area of Chico has many elements dedicated to Ishtar.If counted north to east the city plaza occupies the number 13 square in the street plan. This square would also match the queens square on a chess board. The intersection of 9th street and Orange Avenue comprise the base of the Diamond. The latitude of the Mason Dixon or Dragon Line transects this block in a perfect east to west diagonal.

The northern tip of the diamond is at the intersection of Main Street and 1st street. The western tip is the intersection of Orange and 1st street. The eastern tip is at the intersection of Main and 9th street. Interestingly a series of streets within the Chico diamond spell out the name of the city. Chestnut, Hazel, Ivy, Cherry, and Orange streets first letters spell C-H-I-C-O. These streets are viewed in the correct orientation to read the name from north to south. An array of twin towers is typical of this type of geomantic arrangement involving reproduction of an Egyptian Shem or tree of life motif. In Chico, the tower of the Senator theatre is even decorated as the staff of Inki or Ishtar and is topped by a diamond shaped light. The second tower common to this arrangement is the cupola of the Diamond Hotel. In earlier incarnation the building on the corner of fourth and Broadway had a tower attached to the corner diagonal to the tower of the Senator theatre to the east. Many other municipalities have veiled the true identity of the staff in other designs. Many state capitols including Sacramento have a mall meant as the same form of veneration.

The Sacramento array has an interesting pyramid shaped building known as the Ziggurat Building which may align with the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. the municipal building and parking lot is an extension of the linear array comprised of the City Plaza, Fountain/Municipal building, parking lot behind municipal building is bisected by a sidewalk that defines the middle of the alignment. Many malls including the one in Washington are meant to portray this form. A small dome or rotunda is also present in the city plaza in the form of the bandstand. The bandstand is a finely crafted stone structure with a metal dome suspended above it. The top of the dome does have a curious little flagpole that resembles an antenna.Chico is interesting in that the motif of the Senator theatre reflects that of the Dragon line and Ishtar venereation. Other designs present on the theatre are two finely crafted dragons atop pillars guarding the entrance (repetition of dragon theme). A huge menorah is seen in relief around balcony above the entrance to the theatre. In addition four gargoyle carvings face each other across the balcony. The tower at the Senator was placed there intentionally in conjunction with the design of city plaza. The tower at the Diamond Hotel is also almost perfectly diagonally oriented across the park from the Senator tower. The twin towers are located .13 miles apart and are slightly offset from the middle of the plaza in order to create the interdimensional vortex right over the Axis Mundi or middle of the city plaza. Any student of the mysteries would be fascinated by Chico.

The Ishtar motif is repeated on the old Bank of America or later Chevy’s building on the corner of second street and Broadway. Ishtar is sometimes also referred to as Inki, or Inissa. She is thought to be represented later by the Greek Athena and may be known in succession by the earlier incarnation of Zeus Baal or the Sumerian supreme horned deity known by many different names. The deities from ancient religions were often morphed into deities from the currently practiced or politically dictated religion.

In this context it is sometimes easier to identify the correct deity by their characteristics instead of physical appearance. This is part of the concept of why institutions are called "mystery schools." For example in a given era Zeus and Baal's names were interchangeable or used in conjunction with each other.The cement reliefs that decorate both of the main doorways and top rim of the building are truly magnificent and display a triad of deities composed of Ishtar, Prometheus, and Hermes. The reliefs picture the Sumerian goddess Ishtar at the keystone position of each arch. In this depiction she looks slightly angry. She is flanked by a relief depicting Prometheus giving fire to man on both sides. Below that on both sides of the doorway is a man vaguely dressed in colonial attire holding carpenters square with a large cog behind him. A relief of Hermes is under the carpenter on both sides. This deity is frequently accompanied by representations of sea craft or ships and this design includes a sailing vessel below the relief of Ishtar. Hermes is one of the few deities to maintain the same name in the transition from the Egyptian or Sumerian pantheon to the Hellenistic Greek identity.

Both the northwest and southwest facing entrances to the building are decorated this way. This decoration is reminiscent of the Ishtar gates of Babylon, Ur, and Sumeria. The entire top rim of the building is decorated with eagles and each corner features a large stylized letter “I.” This northwest corner of the structure sits directly under the apex of the northern part of the Diamond formed by the streets. The diamond is viewed as a type of powerful pyramid by some and this building's location in Chico as a former bank may be no coincidence. The powerful crystalline structure of the diamond is both a strong physical and symbolic structural element and is part of the geomantic landscape of Chico.

The diamond also represents the esoteric majik principle of "as above so below" in the context of the pyramidal shape.The Diamond Hotel, The old Chevy’s building, the Senator theatre, and the City plaza have all been rebuilt or constructed in the last ten years. Each building is part of the geomantic layout of Chico that was built over time. The owners of each structure are to be commended for their civic spirit and value of local history. All three of these structures have been beautifully restored by their current owners and lend an air of history and place to the city. Indeed it is important to note the context in which the whole array of the city was built. It is doubtful that the founders of Chico were a coven of witches. It is more likely that as Mason’s, New Sons of the Golden West or other esoteric group had a healthy appreciation for ancient beliefs, the so called mystery schools and the sacred geometry hidden in ancient architecture.

Both the Senator Theatre and old bank were designed by San Francisco bay area architect Timothy L. Pflueger. Pflueger was an early proponent of the art deco style and the artwork and design of both structures reflect his influence. Pflueger and his partners work can be seen on literally hundreds of buildings in California including many banks and business oriented structures. Pflueger was a known member of bay area clubs The Family and The Bohemian Club. Indeed the geomantic relationship of Chico to Bohemian Grove itself is somewhat shocking given recent interest in happenings there. The Family is an intriguing group who are rumored to be involved in many different spheres of society. Curiously one important part of the geomantic system of Chico is being left to rot and molder. If a line is vectored from the northern tip of the diamond formed by the streets of Chico through the southern tip and extended south the line passes directly over a large historical orchard estate known as the “Palms” for its alignments of palm trees. Given its position and plan in relation to the geomantic diamond formed by Chico’s streets there is absolutely no doubt that this estate was built by someone who was aware the significance of its actual physical position.

Local lore as quoted in town states that the "Palms" was built as a livery where the train stopped on the south side of town. Visitors of the early twentieth century could rent a horse or wagon or store their own animals. Some of the cast and crew of the thirties movie "Robin Hood" including Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHaviland are said to have lodged or spent time here during the movies production. Flynn was a Chico regular and was commonly seen at Richardson Springs (in the area of 13). Flynn even owned a home in the former area of Rancho Arroyo Chico. Connections between the production of that movie and significant points in the geomantic system of Chico are numerous including its filming in Bidwell Park.The stars of the movie were also said to frequent the Tower Bar at the Senator theatre while in town as it was closed for their use exclusively. The Tower Bar was located at the base of the staff of Ishtar! Richardson Springs was also a spot frequented by the cast and crew. DeHaviland was said to be chaperoned around town by Dr. Enloe founder of Enloe hospital, a Chico landmark. It is interesting to think of the possible stories and reasons things were arranged this way. The story of "Robin Hood" and it's relation to themes of rebellion in antiquity is interesting in relation to the "age of reason" type of deities displayed in the architecture of Chico. The tale of Robin Hood is also evokes images of the Crusades and the Knights Templar. Significant portions of the classic "Gone with the Wind" and many other movies were also filmed in Chico and nearby Paradise. Warner Street in Chico is named for Warner Bros. Dr. Enloe’s name even resembles that of a Sumerian God. He seemed to be involved in many aspects of early to mid-twentieth century Chico. Many different groups that value geomancy as a spiritual belief are attracted to Chico. A coincidence of the Palms use as a livery was that many visitors to Chico traveled a prescribed geomanticly significant route into the town itself. Many geomantic arrays seem designed to compel individual to walk a certain prescribed route. The town at that time was still almost entirely comprised of the central diamond shaped pattern of streets discussed here. This section of town was considered the premiere neighborhood for the upper crust in Chico in that era. Today it is home to thousands of Chico State students and the businesses they support as well as a thriving downtown. Other significant point in Chico that may associated with its geomantic system include, the building on the corner of Salem and Second Street that was the home of the Daughters of the Golden West at one time and its pentagonal shaped basement grate covers still attest to this function for the building. The Blue Room theatre on first street between Broadway and Main Street was the Masonic lodge during Bidwell’s era and is as close to the Bidwell Mansion as any building downtown. The Stansbury House on the corner of Salem and Fifth street has a name that may infer some liniage and occult association. The Building on the corner of Broadway and Third Street was once home to the International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F).

The Palms. The "Bohemian Grove" of Chico.

It is possible that the grounds of the Palms served as a Nemeton or Druidic place of worship in the geomantic layout of Chico. It is not clear if its design was meant as veneration or for actual use. Ceremonies rich in symbolism of the mysteries very similar to those performed at Bohemian Grove and Burning Man were possibly preformed there. Today the palms is a peaceful and quiet spot with many fully mature palms, spruce, eucalyptus, and other exotic trees.

The tower of the Senator Theatre.Tree planting is a Chico tradition begun by John Bidwell and the originators of the Palms intentionally created an arboretum that resembles a small jungle in the heat of the Sacramento Valley. Much of the vegetation at the estate is currently at its mature state. The current tenants do not appear to be using or valuing the property for its geomantic or occult attributes (please do not disturb the current residents). Recent occupants may have been mistaken for people who valued the grounds for their mantic qualities but plead abject ignorance when questioned on this subject. They were part of a sustainable/spiritual group with no deity worship at all. No one knows if anyone else is aware of the occult history of the Palms.

The grounds of the Palms when viewed from the air form the shape of a wooded pentagon over which a pentagram can be delineated using landmarks on the grounds. This delineation is supported as a portion of the pentagram itself matches the line extending 90 degrees south from the Chico Diamond. This line in turn displays the angle of offset from true north in relation to Jefferson's township grid at the edge of Chico. These two elements give a compelling argument for the intentional construction of this property as part of the geomantic system that already existed. The location of the house and the grounds is meant to symbolically or actually derive energy or power from the town itself or play some as of yet unknown role.A Nemeton is a kind of outdoor place of worship usually in a wooded area. The original owners of the Palms (constructed ca. 1910) planted a wide variety of exotic vegetation and trees that created a cozy oasis in the middle of a large open area.

Historical references to Nemetons refer to them as outdoor places of worship apportioned for a variety of deities. The forests of Britain, Europe and Asia Minor are covered with locations known to be ancient Nemetons. Nemetons were commonly used in Druidic worship through the ages (See earlier chapter) including in places like Scotland and the rest of the British Isles.The geomantic set up of the Palms does lend itself to satanic “circle work” with points of a large pentagram being clearly delineated on the ground. Some people employ these practices as forms of divination or positive worship. It is possible that the geomantic significance of the Palms is no longer known to those who built the city plaza. It is clear that the property is no longer being consciously valued for its geomantic qualities.

Note: The pentagram design has only had a negative connotation when associated with “Satanism.” The intent or motivation of the creators of the Palms is not known. It is obvious from its placement and the shape of the grounds that the Palms estate was intended to part of or to exploit an already existing geomantic system. It is possible that the Palms was part of some organization other than the Mason’s such as the Knights of Columbus, New Sons of the Golden West or I.O.O.F. In either case this is the United States where you are allowed to practice any spirituality you care to within the limits of the law. If a Nemeton is where you worship then it is o.k. in the U.S.A. Please do not disturb the tenants at the Palms.

These types of geomantic designs and systems are used to create a mantic or sensitive landscape by their creator. Objects placed on ley lines may be blessed or "charmed" for good or bad purposes in the mind of the geomancer. Geomancers believe that arrangements of monuments and objects placed in association with ley lines can be used for divination or to affect or draw energy from locations and people. The intentions of the geomancer can vary from divination to manipulation. In the eyes of those who believe this it can be used for good, bad, or personal reasons. Some areas are chosen for their "positive" or "negative" qualities. Definitions of these terms seem to span both the literal and conceptual. Geomancy is an ancient art of which only the basics are known. Many additional uses and geomantic systems are hinted at in the works of Cornelius Agrippa and other occult authorities.This is interesting when considering the deities and motifs displayed both on the Senator theatre and the old bank building are the same deities and themes worshiped and venerated at Bohemian Grove and hinted at the Burning Man festival. These themes and values may have also played a much larger role in the philosophies and values of those who shaped the destiny of America than we are generally taught.

Nemetons are thought to be a part of Druidic worship that spans the ages. All of the local geomantic systems discussed here (Chico, Bohemian Grove, Burning Man, The City of Indianapolis) share one common thread and that is the presence of a Nemeton placed in relation to a geomantic grid created by Thomas Jefferson. Chico fits this profile perfectly. Chico, Indianapolis, and Denver are all part of the Mason Dixon Line Club. Another contemporary and friend of Jefferson's named Alexander Von Humboldt also so may have played a role in the selection of the Chico's physical location. These men did not select the location. Jefferson created the grid and Humboldt may have defined the earth's positive and negative nodes in scientific as opposed to occult terms for the first time. Someone else based their selection on what these two men defined. John Bidwell chose the location for Chico and the California Geological Survey leyed out Jefferson's township grid.John Bidwell, was a Mason and undoubtedly designed the layout of the city. He later venerated Von Humboldt by naming Humboldt peak near and one of the main roads in Chico for him. The Humboldt Road extended from Chico to Bidwell's silver mines in Idaho and passes the slopes of Humboldt Peak. The rancho section was within the township grid and does have some land within other astrologically significant areas. The 8x8 block diamond formed by the streets is .5 miles square. Each block within the diamond is 365 feet square proportionally matching the dimensions of the base of the great pyramid at Giza, Egypt.

This makes it possible to divide each block into a six sided or “devils square” and in turn the central portion of the diamond into a “mars square.” Some geomancers believe they can affect the behavior of those within the squares. An alignment including the City Plaza, the fountain in front of City hall, City hall and the parking lot to the east of city hall is formed on an east to west axis forming an alignment of monuments that is also integral to this scheme or layout. This axis may have also originally included fifth street as it stretched out to the west and the setting sun. The entire layout of the downtown area as well as each individual block can be used to perform geomantic astrology, divination, and manipulation. The fact that the diamond street plan resembles a chess board is no coincidence and infers that on some level the city was a symbolic game board dedicated to the goddess Ishtar. The Elm Court section of the park contains chess boards and some occult elements and symbols as well. The western entrance to Elm Court is flanked by pillars representing those made by the biblical figures of Boaz and Jachim (but one set of names referred to these characters). The pillars were said to inscribed with the tenets of math and technology so they could survive the great flood. These pillars were said to have been found in King Solomons temple by the Knights Templar themselves.These design elements are pleasing to the general public but do have added significance to many groups such as the Masons, Rosicrucian’s, New Order of the Golden Dawn, and others. Important to note also that the "occult" being represented in most of these monuments is what is considered math and science today. These practices were misunderstood and viewed as "magic" and evil by many who did not understand them in the past. Even today a dynamic of tension exists between conservative religious institutions and Scientific or practical spiritual faith. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries many scientists adapted pagan principles as a form of political statement and many esoteric orders exist as a result of this philosophy.

Elm Court does contain a sculpture which resembles horns. This sculpture may be interpreted as a veneration or representation of the Sumerian deity Baal. Baal is interesting from a political standpoint as one of the deities cast as Satan by the Christian church. History reveals that this phenomenon is a way of controlling people by casting the opposition as being evil or morally questionable. Many revolutionary groups of the late 18th century, including our Masonic founding fathers, may have venerated deities traditionally shunned by the established church as a form of protest or disrespect. History does support this notion while many conservative Christian elements point to this as heresy, idolatry, and Satanism.Many are unaware of the duality and hidden meanings of the Mystery Schools. Baal is thought by many scholars to be the same deity worshiped by the Greeks by the name of Zeus. These types of misunderstandings may explain some of the secrecy surrounding places like Bohemian Grove and Burning Man. If there is a class of people who worship this way today even modern Christians might take offense so secrecy is needed. It is equally as possible that the esoteric is a contrived cover for other activities. It does seem to confound those who have not taken the time to study what these symbols really may mean. Worshiping anything with horns is a very scary concept to any Christian.

The most impressive aspect of the diamond as it is viewed in Chico is that the base sits on the latitude of the Mason Dixon line Members of the California Geological survey gridded California using the township system created by Jefferson that has magic square or occult applications! The Mason Dixon line was part of a project originally designed to settle the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland. Royal Observatory surveyors Mason and Dixon established both the Latitude of the Mason Dixon Line (also known as the Dragon Line) and the Lisbon Rose Parallel for the first time in AmericaOur uniquely American perspective allows us to view how ley lines and geomancy in general are employed where it only existed in the Native cultural sphere previously. In the establishment of the Rose Line and Dragon line in America we see an intentional extension of lines already valued by European and Asian groups. Native American, European and Asian peoples value ley lines and geomancy in a way that is unexplained or misunderstood by many people. Beyond Chico some interesting correlations do occur between Native alignments and those valued by Europeans and Asians. This is suggestive of a globally shared cultural tradition that has been overlooked as a source of history.

As a Mason there is absolutely no way that John Bidwell did not realize he was settling on the exact latitude of the Mason Dixon line. Sacramento, Davis, Santa Rosa, Bohemian Grove and Lisbon, Portugal (Port of grail) all sit on or close to the Lisbon Rose Line to the south. John Bidwell chose to settle on the Dragon Line in order to establish the top of a pyramid delineated by landmarks and the Lisbon Rose line.Chico, Bohemian Grove, Santa Rosa, and Sacramento were all placed in a relative geomantic system created by Thomas Jefferson. It is plausible that Bidwell was sent specifically to the future location of Chico.

The establishment of Chico was also part of a much grander plan that may have included the conquest of the then Mexican territory. If this seems outrageous then consider there is evidence that the settlement of the entire western United States was determined by a geomancer who valued the locations associated with already known ley lines. Jefferson was undoubtedly unaware of the details of the settlement of Chico but the town was placed in conjunction with his geomantic values on the Dragon or Mason Dixon Line at a later date by John Bidwell. These esoteric beliefs may have guided Bidwell and others in their determinations.

Alexander Von Humboldt surveyed Spain’s American holdings as early as 1804. It is unknown as this point if Von Humboldt surveyed the Sacramento valley though it is clear that other knowledgeable Spaniards did. There is also ample evidence that the gold in the Feather River country was known of and exploited to a limited degree by the Spanish. It is curious that neither they nor later the Mexicans chose to exploit those resources. There is evidence of Spanish/Mexican presence in the Feather River country as early as 1839. They would have to be true idiots to have missed the gold in the Feather River. Early accounts record hundreds of ounces of gold a day being recovered from placer deposits there. The gold was only exploited after the arrival of Bidwell. When many think of the California Gold Rush they think of John Sutter. The real mover and shaker of the region was Bidwell. Sutter died a pauper. Bidwell quietly founded a beautiful small town which he ran somewhat like a colonial plantation. Jefferson seems to have been the initial grand geomancer of the United States. John Bidwells life and pursuits mirrored Jefferson’s life in many ways. Jefferson is a very interesting man who communicated with all the great minds of his time. Historians deny he was a Mason. Ask a Mason they will proudly state that yes he was a brother. Chico is part of his vision and made so by those who valued sacred geometry and geomantic qualities as he did. His estate, Monticello is a study in Feng Shui and geomantic correctness.Chico is but a small part or cog in a much larger nationwide network of geomantically significant nodes and intersections. Negative and positive points abound. The legacy of this national level of geomancy may not be passed by the president but by members of some secret group of which Jefferson was a member. Who continues that tradition today in unknown. It is clear that these beliefs are still being practiced to some degree today in 2009 A.D.

Using the entire country as an occult, manipulatable grid is a concept that may appeal to many. A group of Genius known as the Linnean Society of London existed in the nineteenth century whose members may have included Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Von Humboldt, and later possibly John Bidwell. It is interesting to note here that at one point John Bidwell ran for President of the U.S. as part of an anti-Masonic political group. Apparently his wife Annie did not like Masonry and Mr. Bidwell seemed to have changed his ways. During this time he may have created or initiated the New Sons of the Golden West in Chico.Several different groups including the Masons and New Sons of the Golden West (NSOGW) contributed to the creation of the Chico City Plaza. The City Plaza in Chico has existed since the earliest days of Chico but it has recently been rebuilt and the entire town square surrounding it as well. The plaza is said to have been built using John Bidwell’s original design. A noted spike in activities refurbishing and restoring already existing city plazas and monuments has been underway for at least ten years nationwide. These types of city parks have created some controversy over the social and religious implications that are inferred by their design. This is interesting in a nationwide context. Some view the geomantic or occult layout as civic funded religious imagery. Others view it in a context of historical appreciation and veneration.

There are several books and videos out on the subject including William Henry’s book "Cloak of the Illuminati." His take on the Illuminati is different than the evil conspiracy definition. Those in the know say not to worry as the plazas are “tuned” or built for positive polar effect and are designed for peaceful reflection and celebration.The Big Diamond On a map of California, or Geographical Information System of your choice; From the tip of the diamond formed by the streets in Chico extend a ray to the southeast to Roseville, California. Then extend that ray at the same angle to Lisbon Rose Line at 38”28’ lat. Again from the tip of the Diamond in Chico extend a ray to just west of Santa Rosa, California. This point in Santa Rosa is marked by the western extent of the base of a smaller pyramid or capitol (triangular design element in the entrance to Greek and roman buildings) delineated by the township grid and the Lisbon Rose Line at its base (see additional article). The larger pyramid encloses the entire capitol city of Sacramento, California.This is very similar to a geomantic array of boundaries and monuments that form a pyramid around Washington D.C. using the Lisbon Rose Line as a baseline. If the eastern ray of the Chico pyramid is extended south it transects Fresno and ends in San Diego.

The pyramid may be turned into a diamond if the centerline is extended to San Jose. The southern tip of the diamond is very near Rosicrucian headquarters in San Jose. If the centerline is extended south from there it passes near Santa Cruz and ends just south of Monterey at the coast. If the eastern ray of the diamond is projected from Chico it falls between Bohemian Grove and Santa Rosa. From there it connects to the south in San Jose to form an evenly proportioned diamond. The diamond theme is repeated in many modern local businesses as well as the historical Diamond Match property. The Diamond Match lumber company also owns extensive holding in the nearby Sierra/Cascade range.From the northern tip of the Chico Diamond extending south the vector does cross; Palms Nemeton; the Sutter Buttes, the smallest mountain range in the world which is a volcanic formation; near UC Davis; Antioch, Ca; San Jose; Santa Cruz; Monterey; ending at the coast south of there.

Chico StateCalifornia State University Chico (CSUC), as does many major universities, possesses a geomantic layout of its own that may or may not work in conjunction with that of the town. Kendall hall at Chico State is an impressive building with a rotunda that was designed by Chester E. Cole and built in 1929 on the site of the burned Normal School building. The building was constructed in the so called Romanesque style. A beautiful stained glass globe is present inside the rotunda that includes a bezel displaying the months of the year. The presence of a building with a dome or rotunda is a common element of many civic geomantic layouts. Its presence on campus does indicate that it works in conjunction with the geomantic qualities of the town rather than independently of it. CSUC's chalice-like layout is unique when compared to the linear quadrangles of many other colleges.

As Chico sits on the Dragon or Mason Dixon Line it is interesting that the cement reliefs that decorate the exterior entrance to Kendall hall include dragons or winged Gryphon figures. Other portions of the artwork include objects that resemble pine cones or ears of corn. The lentil of the doorway to the building is decorated with the Chico State motto “Today decides tomorrow.” A pyramidal pattern is present in the arched section of the doorway above the motto. The design resembles the entrance to a Mycenaean tomb.Two towers are also present on or near campus in the form of two church bell towers. The rotunda of Kendall Hall is undoubtedly built with sacred geometric formulae.

The entire layout of the Chico State campus forms a crescent like arc with the open end facing north. The open area in the arc represents the neighborhood in which many of the Chico State professors live. This design is reminiscent of the layout of the plaza at St. Peter’s at the Vatican in Rome and the Black Rock City plan of Burning man. This crescent shape serves as a symbolic chalice representative of the professor’s knowledge flowing to the campus and is key to the geomantic layout of Chico State. In addition domes and rotundas as in Kendall hall are known geomantic transmitters.

For such a small town Chico has been made the center of a very large geomantic power spot. It's a nice town with a positive feel and many friendly people. Indeed it seems to thrive in a region in which modern commerce has left many small towns boarded up and run down. Many Geomancers and others who study ley lines and such phenomena would term Chico a positively charged vortex location. Great care was taken to set up the system there correctly and it is being taken care of. Go feel the vibe in Chico for yourself!Chico Geomantic System Components:8 block square area just south of Chico State including the downtown area, Chico City Plaza, Municipal building, future Police station, old Bank of America, and Senator Theatre. Old Daughters of the Golden West building(now Madison Bear Garden-interesting pentagram shaped basement grate covers). This eight block square area resembles a square rotated ninety degrees to form a diamond shape. This may have been the inspiration of the name of the diamond match and diamond almond company of Chico. Bidwell Park; including the new astrological observatory which is located 90 degrees from the "chess board" or aligned with 1st street/Nw quad of street diamond. John Bidwell may have been a geomancer or dendromancer who would have placed special value on the oak groves of Bidwell Park. The orientation of Bidwell Mansion and Bidwell park is typical of many linear parks created during the “American Parks Movement” of the mid-nineteenth century. Chico and Bidwell Park were created during the same era as Tower Grove Park in St. Louis and Druid Hill Park in Baltimore.


  1. Very nicely done. I find it both facinating and sad that we have 'lost' so much of our history. So much time and care was put into the original design of so many of our cities. I understand that some of the intent was intentionally kept from the masses, and that's understandable. But so much history has been lost. Thankfully, we're awakening to some of our deeper history. Both here in American and around the world. I spent a couple weeks in Peru last year learning about many of their ancient treasures. It's a pretty amazing place, this big blue marble we're sitting on...

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  9. Great article--you might also consider looking into the pentagram basement grates all around the outside of the Lusk building (now Madison Bear Garden). I haven't been able to find any info on them--I can only guess that Mr. Lusk was not as philanthropic as history paints him.

  10. What is your take on the copper box "time capsule" uncovered in front of Bidwell Mansion last November? Described as a a scroll wrapped in packing, the initial estimate was that it would take two weeks to get a paper curator to take a look. It has been months now. Was there something of historical significance relating to the founding of Chico and geomancy written within that scroll? What knowledge would you value enough to seal in a copper box? That shit ain't cheap, now or a hundred years ago. I guess I'll have to wait until March for an answer if I am lucky.

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  12. Expsing the lie of Islam pdf
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  13. Expsing the lie of Islam pdf
    Power Meditation volumes 1,2,3 PDF

  14. I was born in Chico, it is a spooky spiritual place that has strange groups and real witchcraft, the occultists gravitate around Chico natural food store. Who knew???